RFJ Registration

Registration for the 2023 Ride for Justice


Please complete the following form. The form includes information for both riders and (if applicable) pillions.

Once you have successfully submitted the form, you will be taken to another page which has payment buttons for riders and pillions.

The participation fee for riders in 2023 is (we’re keeping it the same as the last ride):

  • Rider – $50
  • Pillion – $40

Please note: riders and pillions will receive a 2023 RFJ Patch as well as another special gift.

These items will be distributed on the day.

If you don’t show up, I’m afraid there will be no patch or gift.

If you encounter any problems completing the form or payment, please email sydney@rideforjustice.org.

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Rider Details

Please **DOUBLE CHECK** your email address is correct before submitting.

Vehicle Details

Emergency Information

If you are riding with a pillion, if possible please make your emergency contact someone other than your pillion.

Pillion Details

If possible, please make your emergency contact someone other than the rider.

Ride Rules, Information, & Indemnity

Note: Riders are not permitted to participate in the Ride for Justice unless all participants hold a current motorcycle rider’s licence/permit and the motorcycle the participant intends to ride is currently registered and insured. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they hold a current valid licence/permit and that they hold a current valid insurance policy in relation to the motorcycle to be ridden in this event.


Warning: This is an important document, which affects your rights and obligations. You must read this document carefully. Do not sign/submit this document unless you are satisfied you understand and agree with the matters contained within it. If you are in any doubt about your rights and obligations, you should first seek legal advice before signing/submitting this document.

By signing/submitting the Ride For Justice registration form, you acknowledge and agree with the persons, organisations and bodies corporate whose names appear in Schedule 1 (hereinafter collectively called "the Organiser") that I am by this Agreement entitled to participate in the motorcycle riding event listed in Schedule 2 (herein called "the Event") on the terms and conditions set out in this document.


I acknowledge that motorcycle riding is dangerous and that by engaging in this activity and participating in the Event I am exposed to certain risks and dangers and that I have certain obligations including:-
(a) that I may be seriously injured, physically or mentally, and may be killed;
(b) that my motorcycle, property or equipment may be damaged, lost or destroyed;
(c) that other participants may ride dangerously or with lack of due skill care and attention causing injury, damage or death to myself, my motorcycle or my property;
(d) that the roads or conditions encountered during the course of the Event may be hazardous and may vary without warning or predictability and without the knowledge of the Organiser;
(e) that the Organiser and any agent or representative of the Organiser may be required to make decisions under pressure of time and in response to unforseen conditions or circumstances encountered during the Event;
(f) that any policy of insurance of or in respect of my life, my motorcycle or my property may be voided;
(g) that there may be no or inadequate facilities for my treatment or transportation to medical facilities if I am injured or killed in the course of the Event;
(h) that I have an obligation to myself and to other participants in the Event as well as other road users to participate safely in the Event;
(i) that I have an obligation and agree to abide by all laws and regulations, including all road traffic laws, regulations and rules, in all States and Territories in which the Event is conducted;
(j) that I have an obligation and agree to abide by all reasonable requests and directions made by the Organiser
during the course of the Event;
(k) that I am personally responsible for ensuring that I wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment at all times during the Event.


I agree to release and indemnify and to keep indemnified and to hold harmless the Organiser and each of them including their servants, agents, officeholders and officials from and against all actions, claims, suits and demands including any claims for costs, expenses and damages (of any kind whatsoever) arising out of or in any way relating to the Event or my death or any injury, loss or damage caused to or by me or my motorcycle, property or equipment whether caused by negligence, breach of contract, breach of duty of care or in any other manner whatsoever.


The Organising Committee members (New South Wales) - Simon Bouda and the members and staff of the Homicide Victims Support Group.


The RFJ 2023 will meet at Grace’s Place at Doonside. Registration will begin from 0800 (unless otherwise notified).

The route will proceed according to the map sent out to previous riders and linked to in the RFJ Facebook page. The destination is Grace’s Place at Doonside.

There will be abundant motorcycle parking facilities at Grace’s Place.

The route is subject to approval by Transport NSW and the NSW Police Force. Not confirmed but anticipated, will be a Police presence in the form of marked escort vehicles.


** Please note: if you are not paying straight away, you do not have to submit another registration form.

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